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Coke Studio Season 6 – Episode 2

Laage Re Nain by Ayesha Omar

Laage Re Nain song by rising rock star Ayesha Omar connects with the basics this season of Coke Studio. The lyrics of Laage Re Nain by Ayesha Omar for second episode of Coke Studio Season 6 are indicative of custom, the poetry thematically convey the unbroken status of exploration we find ourselves in while all along the way. The true voice of Love is included in this song. Ayesha Omar experience that she now conveys her childhood, as this was one of the earliest raags she had learnt. The overall composition stems from Eastern Classical origins, the feel of the song finds itself well placed with the mountain music of Nepal – a connect that begs to dive in further to discover the harmony with the Zen of Buddhist musical influences. Laage Re Nain song is lyrics in Poorbi language. So it may be difficult for you to understand this song.

Laage Re Nain, Coke Studio Pakistan, Season 6, Episode 2 from Coke Studio

Lyrics Laage Re Nain – Ayesha Omar Coke Studio Season 6, Episode 2

laage re nainaan tum se piya more
(Ever since my eyes met yours, my beloved)
ghaṛi pal chhin naheen chain parat hai
(Not for an instant does my heart get peace)
jab se piya pardes gayo re
(Ever since you went far away from here, my beloved_
dekhi sooratiya der bhayo re
(I’ve been longing to see your face)
binati karat hoon main
(I entreat you)
paiyaan parat hoon
(I beg at your feet)
laage re nainaan tum se piya more
(My eyes met yours, my love)
main dukhyaari birha ki maari
(I am an endless sufferer of the pain of your separation)
jaag guzaaroon ratiyan saari
(I spend sleepless nights longing for you)
binati karat hoon main
(I entreat you)
paiyaan parat hoon
(I beg at your feet)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Divide them, because unity is lethal for us.

15 Nov 2013

You stop being Muslim when you start being Sunni or Shia.
                    In this world where virus of racial discrimination has completely eaten us, where satan worshipping leaders have used this act to invade every society & have almost been successful. The greek formula backed by British have gained power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.

                                        "Divide & Rule"

              In the history of Islam, Banu Umiyya & Banu Hashim were always at conflict. Abu Sufiyan, the worst enemy of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) accepted Islam when Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) returned to Makkah from Madinah with an army which swelled to a size of 10,000 on its way.
       Seeing 10,000 men with torches lit ablaze, Abu Sufiyan was compelled to accept Islam having the black spot of revenge in his heart which was later fulfilled by his son, Hazrat Muawiyah who rebelled againstfor whom Prophet (P.B.U.H.) said,‘Truly, ‘Ali is from me and I am from him (inna ‘Ali minni wa ana minhu), and he is the wali(patron/spiritual master) of every believer after me.

For whom Prophet said,"Whoever contests Ali in regard to the khilafah is an unbeliever."

Some of my brothers will agrue and will ask for refrences so here you go:
Ibn al Maghazili in his Manaqib (Tehran), p.45, from Abu Dharr al Ghifari,
Allamah Ayni Hyderabadi in Manaqib Sayyidina Ali (Alam Press, Charminar), p.52, from al Khatib al Khwarazmi and Ibn al Maghazil.

The reason why I'm using "Hazrat" with Muawiyah is that he was a Sahabi but when you ponder over the history, you get to know that consipracies even existed then & they also exist now. 
Later, Yazeed walked on his father's footsteps and rebelled against Prophet (P.B.U.H.)'s family. I don't think thay anybody can go through the intensity of pain they went.

    Rafey Baig, he isn't shia, neither sunni, but a Muslim. West is successful in their conspiracy of divide & rule and thats what they are doing in the Middle East, in Syria, in Libya. In Rawalpindi yesterday, the people creating a fuss are all funded. No common man will go out, break into shops, light them on fire. 
     Unity is what illuminists are scared of. I swear to God, if we all stand united today, no other force will have the guts to talk against us!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

For all those who doubt my appearance on TV.

May 9 2013.

                          It was 4 o'clock and I was getting ready to leave for my gym when suddenly my mobile phone rang. It was a call from ARY Musik. Video On Trial's assistant director Valeed Khan had called me. Lately, I've been trying hard to get on this show. I sent my whole personal details on vot@arymusik.tv but got no response. After getting fed up, I asked VJ Sehrish Mohsin, my pen friend who is a Video Jockey on ARY Musik, ex-host of Girls Republic and current host of the show Salam-e-Ishq, to help me get me on tv. She took my number and forwarded it to Adeel Qureshi who was the director of VOT.
  Valeed, the Asst. Director of Video On Trial asked me to immediately reach Park Towers, Clifton by 5 pm sharp as I was to be get shot for the show called Video On Trial. I was damn happy and excited but at the same time, everything was happening in a haste. I asked Valeed if the shoot could be delayed. He refused at first but later on my constantly pleasing he agreed. I asked him that if I could be shot after 16th May as my IGCSE O'Levels exams we to end on that day. He said that he would begin with the shoot when ever I ask him to.
                           On 16th, after returning from Sheraton Hotel, it was where my exam was conducted, I immediately contacted him and he asked me to reach Park Towers on 19th May at sharp 6pm. I did as I was asked to but my shoot got postponed as Valeed was urgently asked to cover the grand opening of the Ocean View Tower. I really got pissed off but I was getting a break through in media for free. I went back home depressed.
           Valeed apologized and asked me if I could come over for the shoot on Thursday 23rd of May. I agreed. I vowed that I wont ever step into media if my this shoot gets postponed but Alhamdulillah it did not.
           The song given to me which was supposed to be taken in to public was a newbie in the industry. It was called "Tu Jhoota Hai" by Tow Chain The Band.
           After I got a small mic attached to my shirt and a bigger mic in my hand, I stepped into Park Towers. I was the centre of attraction of every single burger body present in that shopping mall. A whole camera team with a director was shooting me. That was an unforgettable moment.
           After interviewing some common people present in the complex, I saw a hunk coming towards me with a beautiful girl by his side and believe it or not the man coming towards me was the famous actor, model & producer Adnan Siddiqui accompanied by his daughter. Then I saw Mehwish Hayat, TV host, actress & model coming towards me. I was so star struck that I couldn't even speak. I was just smiling like a retarded fool. Adnan Siddiqui was actually here for a shoot & as he already knew the director so he had come to check out what was going on. Adnan said,"Or bhae kia chal raha hai, yeh bacha kon hai?" Then the director explained Adnan about the shoot and he said,"Wah bhae good, keep it up shehzadey."
             After quoting me as "Shehzada" he moved and I continued my shoot.
                            After finishing the shoot at Park Towers, I was called on ARY Studios which is located in S.I.T.E. Area. An area totally away from the city. I arrived at the location I was told about which was Plot D-120, SITE Area Karachi. There I was handed with a script and was made to sit in the studio. The studio was a huge air conditioned room with cameras and small sets everywhere. My set was a small one with 2  red sofas, 1 dangling light which was made to look like the lights which are hung on the inspection tables in jails, and with a black background.
                Moments after I got seated in the studio, Waqar Zaka entered. At first I

Isharay karna buri baat hoti hai :~>

got a little nervous 'kay yahan bhe beizzati na hojaye' but no, everything went pretty awesome. I and Waqar Zaka had fun, we joked, we made fun of Sehrish and I learned how to speak non-stop.

 The show aired in June. It was even available on net on Waqar Zaka's vimeo profile which is vimeo.com/waqarzaka but was removed due to some reasons.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My heart goes out to all the victims and families of the Bhoja Air tragedy.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.

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